Without the constant distractions of an office, I am able to stay focused on my work and complete tasks quickly and effectively. I really like the flexibility in hours that a stay-at-home position offers. Being able to set my own hours allows me to work when I am most alert. Ultimately, I am more productive when working from home than when commuting to an office and wasting time stuck in traffic. Your answer should explain why you want to work from home, and at the same time demonstrate why you are a strong candidate for the job.

tell me about your experience working remotely

Unless they openly accept responsibility, they probably didn’t learn anything. Owning the failure also demonstrates a desirable blend of humility, confidence, and integrity. Remote workers need to be flexible, persevering, and eager to experiment, and shouldn’t assume they work from home experience already know the best way of doing things. And those just so happen to be the key components of a growth mindset. Here’s how to find your candidate in an evolving field of job-seekers. “The remote nature of the job should be a secondary reason for wanting the job.

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Look, technology connects people and makes it possible to work on a team without ever seeing them IRL, but sometimes it requires some special finesse. Marie says to classify your to-do list with “I” and “U” for important or urgent tasks and do the important ones first. You always finish urgent things on time anyway because they’re urgent! So, make the most of your brain power and use your energy on the important things.

Many of the tips discussed here are also great answers for a candidate to bring up. If you’re interviewing for a remote job, the question is bound to pop up. Here’s how to answer it strategically, plus sample answers to help you prepare. Without a manager nearby (or breezing past their desk), it’s easy for people to get distracted or lose their drive. The answer will speak to the candidate’s motivation and ability to get the job done when there’s nothing motivating them except themselves. A first-time remote worker may not have a home office set up yet, so ask what their plans are.

Tell me about your work experience sample answers

But preferring a lot of direction shouldn’t automatically disqualify you from a remote role. If you’ve never worked remotely before, talk about how you’ve tackled distractions while working in the office. In-person offices can have just as many—if not more—distractions, and explaining how you handled them can give the interviewer insight into how you’ll deal with distractions while working at home. When you’re part of a distributed team, you’re pretty likely to run into situations where you don’t feel 100% clear about what you’ve been tasked with.

But it’s also important to remember that we all miss deadlines once in a while. When you ask this question, weigh up whether or not a candidate sounds like they can finish important tasks with urgency while working from home. Is remote work a bonus for your candidate or is it the number one reason why they’re interested in a job at your company? This question will also help you understand what entices candidates to your job post. Similar to other common interview questions, you want to get an idea of what a candidate might struggle with and, more importantly, how they overcome those challenges.

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And, really, communicating remotely is similar to communicating in the office, so talk about that, too. Give examples of times you faced communication challenges in the office and explain how you dealt with them. Stating that you’re “looking for a remote job” is a dealbreaker, according to Brown. To help you assemble a well-stocked, organized toolbox, here’s a comprehensive list of tools for remote teams (and one for remote software developers). As with every interview ever, it’s essential to show up well-prepared. But when it comes to interviews for remote roles, it’s even more important, as people who work from home need to be especially proactive, organized, and communicative.

Poor writing skills can trigger delays and numerous back-and-forths. Do you prefer to be in constant communication with your coworkers via Slack? Is the relative solitude of remote work a natural fit for your work style because it allows you to get into deep focus? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best remote job boards. While this role is a big step up from my current content marketer role, I’m excited to take on new challenges and grow into the remote marketing manager role. My research has shown me that Customer.io is a great place to learn and level up your craft, and I’m committed to working harder than ever.”

Ideally, you’ll weave in a few accomplishments and relevant past experience to highlight why you’re a perfect fit for the particular position. It’s a common interview question and one you should expect to encounter during almost every job interview. Even though the question can seem simple, it’s difficult to provide a good answer if you’re not prepared. Below are 16 questions you’ll likely be asked in a virtual interview for a remote job, plus our advice on how to respond and sample answer.

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